Wellmade glitter Paint additive is commercial grade glitter to adds sparkle to any standard water-based emulsion & acrylic paint, dead flat, matt, soft sheen, silk and wood varnish for an amazing sparkly finish.

There are many home owners and DIYers looking for some special way, eye-catching, sparkling effect to decorate their sweet home. Here is the perfect solution to introduce glitter additive to the specific market. Wellmade glitter can also be used in DIY art and craft or any sparkly finished project along with your imagination.

★ Wellmade glitter is commercial grade which is designed specifically for painting project to reach the best result.

★ These Glitter can be added to any standard water based emulsion & acrylic paints to paint ,dead flat, matt, soft sheen and silk.

★ Avoid using with any oil-based, acrylic eggshell, one coat kitchen and bathroom paints.

★ Non- Toxic Child Safe to use in Children's Bedroom, Playroom and any everyday surroundings


✅ 100% GUARANTEED - If you are not satisfied, you can return it without any headache.

  • We recommend adding one bag of glitter to 2 quarts of emulsion paint. However, you can add more or less to get the desired glitter effect.
  • Stir your emulsion paint with a circular motion and ensure the glitter is mixed thoroughly.
  • Apply your paint.
  • Buff  the dry wall with Wellmade buffing pad.
  • MUST buff to reach sparkle effect. Allow the paint to dry completely and buff the surface with Wellmade buffing cloth which will release thousands more glitter crystals.
  • By painting two thinner coats are better than one thick coat.
  • Using a quality brush or roller to Brush / roll in all direction.
  • We highly recommend you to do a testing on small surface before the project begin.


Buffing is the last step of your painting project to rub off the bumps and unevenness of the dry wall. It will release thousands more glitter crystals to increase glitter effect up to 50% 

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